Beers In Paradise What's Your Top 3 🍺


From Aloha to beerworks, Maui brew co. to paradise ciders it’s a great time to work on your beer belly in between hikes and grabbing waves. The local scene is busting with healthy competition. What is everyone’s favorite brewery on the island currently? Is it the ever imaginative beer lab or do you like the zero ibu ipa of beerworks. Who does everyone think is the biggest staple in the local scene? Who is the rising star? Let us not forget about the Village and the joy they are bringing to most of us with sheer amount of options on tap and choices to take home.

My 3 favorite right now

  1. Pussy grabs back/American style pale ale
    Honolulu beerworks

  2. Whatever sour Beerlab is making/not always available but when they make one I enjoy it greatly

  3. Lei’d Back Lilikou/ a not to sweet just tart enough cider from Paridise ciders

Please add your favorites and let’s talk brew, feel free to add your favorite snacks from the pubs breweries and bottle shops that you love as well.

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